• Real-time monitoring of patrol duty (3G/4G/5G network)
  • Works in areas with poor network signal
  • Patrolling Route to can be set to be in sequence
  • Image capturing & remarks for skipped points
  • Checklist for each point
  • Easy set-up for checkpoints and routes
  • Electronic incident management system
  • Capture all incidents at the site even at places with poor network signal & handle them real-time
  • Consistent checkpoints with real-time monitoring
  • All NFC chips have unique serial ID. Never miss out a checkpoint again

Armfort Guard Tour Advantages

  • Prevents manipulation of patrol timestamp (uses NFC chips)

              ○All NFC chips have unique serial ID

              ○Compared to QR code which can be photo captured

  • HQ can monitor patrols from all sites at one glance

              ○Able to react when officer not performing their duty

  • Works even in basement with poor network signal
  • Able to enforce patrol route in sequence
  • Prevent unnecessary skipping of patrol points

              ○Reduce liquidated damages as reasons are captured for skipped points

  • Reports can be downloaded via the web anytime (Time saving)

              ○Instead of transferring the data from traditional clocking device

  • Improve productivity by more than 35%