A cloud-based mobile and web solution that enables security agencies to manage officers, clients, back office in an integrated platform.

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We develop digital solutions and design user experiences for a wide range of needs. Our work has been well-received by clients globally.

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We want to express our appreciation towards the Armfort Integrated Technology team, We’ve been with Armfort Integrated Technology since 2018, and throughout the year, Armfort Integrated Technology has never failed to deliver the things they promise. Armfort Integrated Technology not only exceeded my expectations but created an entirely new standard for achievement. Armfort Integrated Technology demonstrated an in-depth, practical knowledge of the business needs and actual business case value for what we wanted in a product. Most importantly, Armfort Integrated Technology’s developers can customise the system to cater for our needs, which helps to streamline our business operation. The local system support team in Armfort Integrated Technology gives us ease in system stability. We will always get the 24/7 support we need in day-to-day operations.
Pontiac Land Group
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We want to thank Armfort Integrated Technology for the excellent system support sincerely. Armfort Integrated Technology has been supporting our operation for the past one year in both the creation and implementation of new and tailored software. We have worked closely with theArmfort Integrated Technology developers and cannot speak highly enough of the team. The group of developers they are reliable, responsive and customer service oriented. To date, We've not experienced a single downtime for the system.
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Engaging Armfort Integrated Technology as our Security Management System service provider is a pleasure. We’ve been with Armfort Integrated Technology since 2021, and the team always listened to our needs and ensured that we were getting the correct value for the service provided. Additionally, Armfort Integrated Technology provides 24/7 system support that another service provider cannot offer. Armfort Integrated Technology team even go the extra mile to help us customise our system to cater to our organisation’s need, and there’s a dedicated account manager just for us to go to if there’s anything we need help with. In short, we’ve worked closely with Armfort Integrated Technology all these years, and we realised that the team is full of customer service-oriented personnel, from the system developer to the technical support officer.



Leverage on Armfort's Mobile and web applications for greater command and control.

Unlike other patrolling software, Armfort seamlessly connects mobile patrols, incident reporting, and more — saving you time and money while delivering data-rich information in real time so you can always make informed decisions. Increase accountability and efficiency of officers in field.

  • Capture server time for accurate timing
  • Alert supervisor when there is a shortfall
  • Remote supervision on back-end
  • Report generation
  • More than 72 overtime hours prompting
  • Integrates with Payroll through excel export
  • Uses NFC chips as checkpoints
  • Real-time monitoring of patrol duty (3G/4G network)
  • Works in areas with poor network signal
  • Patrolling Route to can be set to be in sequence
  • Image capturing & remarks for skipped points
  • Checklist for each point
  • Easy set-up for checkpoints and routes
  • Report generation
  • Electronic Incident management system with image capture
  • Keep track of each incidents status
  • Search by multiple conditions ‘When’,’What’,’Who’,’Where’ (Smart Filters)
  • Accessible by supervisor and officer anywhere
  • Chatbox function for communication on incident
  • Customizable fields
  • Report Generation

Make sure your visitors feel safe and secure while they’re in your building with Visitor Management System. Our state-of-the-art system enables you to easily manage visitors and maintain a high security level. With features like pre-registration, digital signing, notifications, and more, it’s the perfect solution for any office or facility. Get up and running quickly with Visitor Management System, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your visitors are being carefully monitored.

  • SME 100 Awards 2020 – Fast Moving Companies
  • Security Association Singapore
  • The Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 – EYA-New Entrepreneur Overall Winner
  • Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2017 – Overall Winner, SPBA – Promising Brands
  • SSIA 2022 – Best Management Platform Providers
  • SSIA 2022 – Best Security Training  Organizations
  • Enterprise 50


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Increase patrolling, incident reporting and visitor processing  efficiency by up to 95%

Saving up to S$24K per year per site

Potential increase of S$48K per year for per site

Increase service quality by ~50%

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Secured cloud hosting with 99.99% uptime



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